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20th-Jun-2013 09:48 pm - [sticky post] Favorite Images List
Just a bunch of images and memes I find hilarious and want to save them :P
One of my all-time favorite gifs:

I'm going to more frequently post on my livejournal, I guess *Shrug*
Stay tuned for moar :3

Start purpleghost9's Haunter and Shuppet Sculpture
Start mrsmuffet's art trade
Happy Feebas
7th-Aug-2013 09:11 am - Raaaant.
Uuuugh! So my cousin and her two kids (Shes 20 something and they're like 9 and 5) came from Mexico to Arizona to visit family for sometime. I mean, don't get me wrong, I love family but these guys are just... Down right annoying. About 4 years ago before they moved to Mexcio my mom, brother, sister, grandama, grandpa, uncle, my cousin, her two kids, her boyfriend and I all used to live in one house. It was the most terrible thing ever. They were the worst house mates ever. She used to keep the food she bought in her room for her and her kids and we would always share the food we bought. The oldest of her kids was so disgusting like, he would always lick the top of the chocolate syrup whenever we would all be making chocolate milk, and same thing for the ranch dressing bottle. The oldest would always go into our room (My mom, siblings and I had the masteroom to ourselves since my mom would always pay the rent most out of everyone) and annoy the crap out of us to the point were we would kick him out of the room.
Now her kids are like 3 years older and they are way more annoying than before. Like down super obnoxious that I want to slap them in the face to shut them up. Today in the morning they were running around screaming while my brother was sleeping on the couch after his long shift at work last night. My cousin (whos their mom) said "Hey Erika (My mom), Ericks pretty fat. He needs do to some exercise!" this morning right in front of me while eating breakfast. Plus, she made me lose my damn appetite and feel self concision about eating my breakfast >_>   Like, bitch I know I'm a bit overweight but have you looked into a mirror?! Not trying to be mean or anything but shes pretty darn fat herself -_- I honestly hope they leave soon. But I swear, if her freaking annoying kids go into my room and start touching or moving my collection things around while I'm at school I'm going to be pretty pissed off.

It feels good to be able to rant and no one in real life is going to know.
Happy Feebas
16th-Jul-2013 09:14 pm - Another Way to Spend my Money
So I recently discovered how to use a Japan Middle Man service, more specifically From Japan!
I'm so happy! I've always wanted to get stuff from Y!J, but I was also so nervous about what service to use and how much everything would cost me in the end. But, with all the Ichiban Kuji Figures coming out and what not, I was tired of waiting for them to be for sale on the community or eBay so I got off lazy butt and signed up! Right now I have 3 things with FJ and I'm excited to receive them!:

Mewtwo and Eevee Ichiban Kuji Pokedoll Figures, and a Mudkip Strap.
I wasn't sure if the Mudkip was a Pokedoll, but I went a head a bought it since it wasn't very much.
I'm still browsing FJ for one last item. I don't know what, but I feel like I need a 4th item before I can have them ship my stuff :3
11th-Jul-2013 09:10 pm - Pokedoll Figure Want List
(If these are any of your pictures and you would like me to take them down, please notify me)

(Already have Genesect, Mewtwo and Eevee)

(Already have Mew and Wobbuffet)

(Forgot to picture Torchic)

Let me know if you have any pics of anything thats not on this list and if you have any for Sale please let me know OR if you see one for Sale please let me know!

Happy Feebas
9th-Jul-2013 02:58 am - CUUUUUUUUUBEWORLD!
Gaaaah I spent my entire Monday looking up Cube World Videos.
What is Cube World you might ask?
Its a really cool RPG, with an art style I ADORE. Its currently in Alpha Stages as of now so lots of bugs and no where neat complete but theres sooooo much to do from Dungeon Exploring, to Pet Taming! The pets are so awesome :O! They help you in battles, you can ride them, and theres so many of them. The biomes are just beautiful, just beautiful! You can also go Hang Gliding. HANG GLIDING. Theres also Climb on walls/ mountains and Crafting (Totally different from the crafting in minecraft). Its not like in Minecraft where you can Build and stuff no, Cube World focuses more on Adventure and Exploring, the world is infinite so, TONS of exploring to do. Last awesome feature I can name from the top of my mind is that you can customize your weapons, like really customize them! You can make them look how you want them to :D! As of now I don't have Cube World *Insert tears of a 15 year old fan boy* But once they put the servers for the Shop up again, because they got hacked or something, I'm totally buying it in heart beat! Heres some screenshots I found on the internetz:

(I'm seriously thinking of playing as a Frogman)

Let me know if any of you guys are going to end up getting it, I'd love to play with friends!
Happy Feebas
*Back Cracks*
Pheeeew, I have't sculpted anything in a while so tonight I took a look at some of my pre-made sculptures, grabbed my butterfree:

And add a little something-something to it.
Heres a preview of what I'm going to put up for auction soon:

Keep any eye out on the Community for what I'm putting up soon :3!
Happy Feebas
28th-Jun-2013 01:31 am - MY FEELS! T-T
I can't decide which one!

Mewtwo is, well, Mewtwo! And I've kinda been waiting for a Mewtwo Pokedoll ever since I saw the Mewtwo Pokedoll Charm! And those eyes, those wittle stubby arms and that tail! (Which is strangley connect to its crotch)
And Genesect is Shiny! Shiny Genesect! A Shiny OFFICAL Pokedoll! And it looks so keeewl with his little cannon on his back and wittle sharp arms and legs!
I reaaaally want both, but I feel like I'll only end up being able to afford one! D:

Someone please help me decide T-T
Happy Feebas
25th-Jun-2013 10:56 pm - Light Booooox!
Sooo, I got so bored today that I got to the point where I started looking up random stuff online.
And ended up thinking to mah self "Why not make my time useful?!" After 30 minutes of cutting, tapping, and measuring, I made this:

What the hell is it?!
If you don't know what a light box is shame on you, its a box with a light. Noooo, its a box that suppose to make photos have better lighting, and basically make them look more professional without any background distractions.
I took a few photos of my collection stuff:

Annnd, a little-miss-curious-kitty-pants, Luca, decided to get personal with my light box, while Milotic and Feebas were still in there!:



And last but not least:

I'm seriously in love with this plush ;_;
Happy Feebas
8th-Jan-2013 12:00 am - PokeSurvival 1
Please read every strip before deciding on who to vote out.
Thank you!

Happy Feebas
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